PALA - Psychedelics Association of Lausanne for Awareness

L'association PALA: Psychedelics Association of Lausanne for Awareness a pour objectifs:

- La vulgarisation du savoir scientifique en lien avec les substances psychédéliques, en particulier quant à leur intérêt en psychologie clinique.

- L'information et la prévention quant aux modalités et risques liés à l'usage de substances psychédéliques à des fins récréatives.

Pour ce faire, l'association compte organiser différents types d’événements en ce sens comme des conférences conviant des spécialistes sur le sujet, des débats ou des projections.

Afin d'encourager nos membres à se constituer une base de connaissance scientifique sur le thème, nous comptons également organiser des Paper Club où les membres choisiraient un article à vulgariser qu'ils devront ensuite présenter au reste des membres de l'association.

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Where does this acronym come from?

"Island - Aldous Huxley"

Island is the last book written by English author Aldous Huxley, published in 1962 after a mescaline experience. It is the account of Will Farnaby, a cynical journalist who is shipwrecked on the fictional island of Pala. Island is Huxley's utopian counterpart to his most famous work, the 1932 dystopian novel Brave New World.

Lausanne appears in the beginning of the novel :


“May I ask,” he said at last, “how you first came, ma’am, to find the Path?”

For a second or two the Rani said nothing, merely sat there with her eyes shut, smiling her Buddha smile of mysterious bliss. “Providence found it for me,” she answered at last.

“Quite, quite. But there must have been an occasion, a place, a human instrument.”

“I’ll tell you.” The lids fluttered apart and once again he found himself under the bright unswerving glare of those protuberant eyes of hers.

The place had been Lausanne; the time, the first year of her Swiss education; [ ... ]


Here you can find the complete collection of Huxley's writings:

Psilocybin subjective experience in clinical setting

This double-blind study evaluated the acute and longer-term psychological effects of a high dose of psilocy- bin relative to a comparison compound administered under comfortable, supportive conditions.

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Psilocybin influence on brain networks

The two key results of the analysis of the homological scaf- folds can therefore be summarized as follows (i) there is an increased integration between cortical regions in the psilocybin state and (ii) this integration is supported by a persistent scaffold of a set of edges that support cross modular connectivity probably as a result of the stimulation of the 5HT2A receptors in the cortex

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PALA is based in Lausanne University.